Workers’ Compensation Claim Denials

When employers or their insurance providers deny a person’s worker’s compensation claim, many believe that they do not have any other options. Our legal team works hard to help injured workers pursue full and fair workers’ compensation benefits for all types of workplace injuries and occupational illnesses. When providers unfairly deny claims, we go to work to review every aspect of the workers’ compensation claim denial and fight back against the insurance companies when claims are wrongfully denied to injured workers

Golitko & Daly, P.C., we are attorneys with significant experience in Indiana’s worker’s compensation laws as well as a comprehensive understanding of your rights. We are compassionate attorneys who will push through the obstacles ahead in the pursuit of the compensation necessary for your recovery. Our legal team includes experienced workers’ compensation lawyers as well as health care professionals who know how to dig deep into the facts, the medical records and the law to stand strong for injured workers who need the full and fair benefits to which they are entitled to receive under Indiana workers’ compensation law.

What Happens After A Claim Denial?

Providers often seek to reduce benefits are deny workers’ compensation claims outright to serve their bottom line. It may be necessary to challenge the decision to deny a claim. There may be a variety of reasons for an unfair claim denial. Our legal team is well prepared to review the process, the medical records and the alleged basis of the denial to prepare a plan to pursue full and fair benefits on your behalf. Claim denial disputes go before a Single Hearing Member of the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Board, who will convene both sides. If your appeal is not successful at this hearing, we can help you to appeal to the full board within 30 days, after that it is possible to move on to the Court of Appeals and then the Indiana Supreme Court.

Work Injuries Demand Compensation

Following a workplace injury, your top priority is securing the coverage to heal from your injury and get back to work. Our attorneys have extensive legal and medical experience to draw on to assess your case and build a strategy to move forward. Attorney and partner Matthew Golitko focuses his attention primarily on workers’ compensation cases using his substantial experience in this area to advocate for our clients’ rights. Attorney and partner John Daly is a knowledgeable construction accident lawyer who is certified by the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA). Our legal team also includes a lawyer who is a registered nurse and another one who is a licensed physical therapist and athletic trainer. Our full-service workers’ compensation lawyers go to work when you can’t.

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