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$5.6 Million Dollar Settlement – Semi Truck accident resulting in Quadriplegia and Future Workers Compensation Benefits.

$5.3 Million Dollar Settlement –  Workers Compensation Claim involving a serious Ladder Fall resulting in Quadriplegia.

$3.6 Million Dollar Settlement –  Workers Compensation claim involving a Construction Injury resulting in Quadriplegia.

$1.7 Million Dollar Settlement – Workers Compensation claim involving Dump Truck resulting in Paralysis.

$925k Dollar Verdict – Hamilton County, Indiana in Ironworker Masonry Wall Collapse.

$3.75 Million Dollar Settlement – Indiana Workers Compensation case –  Trench Collapse accident resulting in quadriplegia.

$2.9 Million Dollar Settlement –  Physical Assault in the Work Place resulting in permanent Traumatic Brain Injury.

$10.2 Million Dollar Verdict – Marion County, Indiana for the Wrongful Death of Union Laborer on Highway Construction Site.

$1.5 Million Dollar Settlement – Retired UAW member Wrongful Death Auto Related Accident.

$2.9 Million Dollar Settlement – Indianapolis  Indiana Ironworker Fall Protection Construction Case.

$2.75 Million Dollar Settlement – Indiana Workers Compensation case – Auto Accident while working resulting in quadriplegia.

$2 Million Dollar Settlement – Wrongful Death of Construction Worker involving Semi Tractor Trailer Truck accident.

$3.3 Million Dollar Settlement – Faulty Lift accident causing Paralysis and Death to Indiana Worker on a large Construction Site.

$1.25 Million Dollar Settlement – Nursing, hospital, and Pharmacy errors causing Wrongful Death.

$1.25 Million Dollar Settlement – Indiana UAW Auto Worker case involving amputations.

$2.1 Million Dollar Settlement – Auto Related Accident Involving Worker in Scope of Employment.

$1.075 Million Dollar SettlementFailure to answer alarm in ICU

$750k Dollar VerdictDamage to the airway during anesthesia

$1.23 Million Dollar Settlement – Woman experiencing cauda equina syndrome after childbirth

$1.225 Million Dollar Settlement – Middle-aged hospitalized diabetic patient with an undetected cardiac condition

$1.25 Million Dollar SettlementInjury during delivery process by the midwife

$1.6 Million Dollar Settlement – Baby wrongful death due to failure to call emergency C-section

$1.6 Million Dollar Settlement – Baby with cerebral palsy due to failure to call an emergency C-section

$650k Dollar Settlement – Elderly senior injured during implantation of a defibrillator

$862K Dollar Settlement – Nursing Malpracticed insulin overdose by a nurse