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Paraplegia is a condition that describes a person’s full loss of motor and sensory function below the waist. Paraplegia is most often caused by injury to the spinal cord, but may also develop because of hereditary or congenital causes. This and other spinal cord conditions are often caused by accidents in the workplace. In these cases, victims should contact a spinal cord injury lawyer.

Indianapolis attorneys Golitko & Daly are experts in the intricacies of workplace spinal cord injury cases. These injuries take a great mental, emotional, and physical toll on victims. Meanwhile, the medical bills can be astronomical. The injured usually can no longer work, and they receive no income to offset these costs. With the help of an attorney, victims and their families can receive the ample compensation needed to alleviate their financial burden. We offer free consultations for victims. Simply contact us online or call us at (317) 566-9600.

The Lifelong Effects of Paraplegia

Paraplegia is caused by damage to the spinal cord below the first thoracic spinal nerve, which controls leg and lower-body movement. Protected by spinal vertebrae, the spinal cord is a series of nerve cells through which messages travel from the brain throughout the body.

When the spinal cord becomes damaged, the pathway for nerve messages becomes interrupted and parts of the body function less efficiently or cease to function entirely. Paraplegic patients will likely require the use of a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. Paraplegia differs from paraparesis, in which some motor functionality is retained.

Common Causes of Paraplegia

Damage to the spinal cord can result from compression, puncture, elongation, or contusion. The spinal cord cannot regenerate the neural pathways once they are destroyed. Workplace injuries that cause these damages include:

  • Falls
  • Falling objects that strike an employee
  • Continued or strenuous lifting
  • Injury from a farming instrument or equipment
  • Car or trucking crash (rollover, jackknife, tire blowout, etc.)
  • Injury caused by a farm animal
  • Puncture or impalement from an object

Even with careful attention to safety practices, workplace accidents resulting in paraplegia are always a risk. It is important that victims take diligent note of the circumstances leading to their injuries, and contact an attorney immediately to ensure that every circumstance surrounding the injury is explored and documented.

The Importance of Establishing Liability

Paraplegia sufferers who are injured in a workplace accident may be eligible to receive Indiana workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation can cover lost income and most medical expenses following a workplace accident. However, injured parties need excellent legal representation to ensure that the amount of compensation provided will actually cover these expenses.

In some paraplegia cases, a third party may be held responsible for damages. Third parties might include:

  • Another driver in an auto accident
  • The manufacturer of faulty machinery

Our attorneys will explore all possible at-fault parties.

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