Indianapolis Pedestrian Accident Injury Attorney

Pedestrian accidents are most often caused by a motor vehicle colliding with an individual and can cause critical or fatal injuries. At Golitko & Daly, P.C., a pedestrian accident lawyer in our Indianapolis, Indiana, office can help you recover the compensation necessary to face the many costly repercussions of your serious injuries. Our attorneys understand the complexities of pedestrian accidents. We will assemble a compelling case to secure the compensation you rightly deserve. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious personal injury in a pedestrian accident, contact our law office right away to begin the legal process.

How Do Pedestrian Accidents Happen?

Pedestrian accidents are caused by a number of different factors, and children and the elderly are the most common victims. While the most common cause of pedestrian accidents is a negligent driver, the pedestrian can sometimes be at fault.

Vehicle-Caused Accidents

Driver negligence is the leading cause of motor vehicle accidents, including those involving pedestrians. Negligence can include speeding, failing to look before turning or driving through an intersection, running a red light, texting, driving under the influence and more. Other factors that can contribute to vehicle-caused pedestrian accidents may include poor road conditions, malfunctioning vehicle parts or traffic signals, and other environmental factors.

Pedestrian-Caused Accidents

Although not as common, it is possible for a pedestrian to cause an accident that results in an injury to him or herself. Accidents can occur when a pedestrian is intoxicated, jaywalking or walking in the road instead of on the sidewalk. Pedestrian accidents are especially common at night, when poor lighting and dark, non-reflective clothing can prevent a driver from seeing a pedestrian clearly.

Pedestrian accidents are caused by a number of different factors, and children and the elderly are the most common victims.

Why Hire A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, medical attention for injuries should be sought as soon as possible. Shortly thereafter, the victim (or the victim’s family) should contact a lawyer for a free consultation. Doing so can help ensure the negligent party is held responsible. Our attorneys will carefully investigate the accident scene to gather photographic and video evidence. We can also obtain video footage to aid in determining the at-fault party. With this evidence and with eyewitness statements, we can build a powerful case in your favor.

Damages Awarded In Pedestrian Accident Cases

Pedestrian accidents can result in serious, sometimes permanently debilitating injuries, such as damage to the spinal cord and brain. You may require extended medical care, which could include multiple surgeries and long-term physical rehabilitation. Depending on the nature of your injuries, you may also need specialized medical equipment such as a wheelchair. Your injuries may also prevent you from returning to work for an extended period of time.
As your pedestrian accident lawyers, we will aggressively pursue damages to ensure you receive compensation for your medical bills as well as your lost wages and diminished earning capacity. When injuries are life-altering, we will also pursue damages for your reduced quality of life in addition to the physical and mental anguish you have experienced.

Retain The Services Of Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

If you were a pedestrian hit by a car or other motor vehicle and suffered serious injuries as a result, contact our law firm to reserve your free consultation with one of our attorneys. After thoroughly reviewing your case, we can help you take the necessary steps to secure fair and just compensation. Contact us today at 317-566-9600.