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Trench collapses are among the worst types of construction accidents, causing spinal cord damage and other injuries. They’re also one of the most easily avoidable. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations on preventing trench collapse accidents are clear and easy to follow. Any time an Indiana construction worker is below ground, in a trench or in another excavation, he or she is at great risk for a potential trench collapse or cave-in. Active measures should be taken by employers to prevent such incidents.

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Trenching And Excavation Accidents Can Lead To Deaths And Paralyzed Workers

A trench is defined as a narrow excavation that is deeper than it is wide. Generally, a trench bottom width is 15 feet or less. An excavation on the other hand is defined as the removal of earth from an area. The face of the excavation is the vertical surface formed by the excavation. Excavating is one of the most hazardous construction operations, and when trench accidents happen during excavations, they usually result in serious personal injury or death.

There are several dangers associated with excavation and trenching. These include:

  • Cave-ins
  • Contacting utility lines
  • Dirt, equipment or other materials falling on workers in the trench
  • Hazardous atmospheres and water accumulation

As trench collapse attorneys at Golitko & Daly, P.C. in Indianapolis, we have seen firsthand the devastating results of carelessness and the failure to follow trenching and excavation safety rules and regulations. Let OSHA-educated construction accident lawyers help you with your case.

Indiana Cave-In Accidents, Deaths and Paralysis

Unfortunately, cave-ins are the leading cause of death in trench collapse accidents. According to OSHA statistics, there is roughly one death for every 14 lost-time accidents involving cave-ins. The fatality rate for trenching and excavating is over 100% higher than for general construction.

Cave-ins happen because cutting into the soil disturbs the connection holdings altogether. The deeper the cut, the less stable the soil becomes. When cracks in the side of the trench begin, weight is concentrated on the bottom of the trench, which gives way and undermines the support for the trench walls. Surprisingly, dirt is extremely heavy, with a cubic yard of dirt weighing up to 3,000 pounds.

With the amount of weight that caves in on a worker, it is not surprising that injuries are devastating or even fatal. Oftentimes death or paralysis are the most common injuries – leaving millions of dollars in medical bills and lost wages to the survivors of the deceased. Unfortunately, by the time an Indiana construction worker is aware of the trench collapse, it is usually too late.

Your Indiana work injury lawyers at Golitko & Daly, P.C., represent laborers, union members and other construction workers who have been killed, paralyzed or seriously injured in trench collapse and other excavating accidents. As Indiana construction lawyers with experience, we are here to help with legal advice and representation. When it comes to trench collapse accidents, let Golitko & Daly, P.C., guide you through the legal process. Our offices are in Indianapolis, Carmel, Kokomo and Bloomington.

With Mr. Daly, an OSHA-authorized construction safety trainer, Golitko & Daly, P.C., is able to recognize violations of construction safety standards leading to trench collapse accidents and can help hold accountable those who are responsible for workplace safety.

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