Your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis Interviewed on Fox 59 For Indiana State Fair Collapse

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Your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis was Interviewed on Fox 59 For Indiana State Fair Collapse four times in the last few weeks. With training in IOSHA and OSHA regulations, I was asked to provide insight into the IOSHA Citations and the defenses raised by Sugarland by their lawyers.

The IOSHA citations were remarkable for naming the Stage workers Union as an “employer” under the OSHA construction accident safety standards and issuing citations. In my 25 years as a personal injury lawyer I have never seen a union named as an employer by OSHA or IOSHA. In speaking with the Bloomington, Indiana lawyer representing the union, they plan to appeal the citations, first in an administrative hearing and in the state court as necessary. Your Indiana Construction Accident lawyer firmly believes in that decision.

The defenses asserted by the lawyers for Sugarland I was asked by Fox 59 to comment on included the Act of God and blaming the accident victims. The Act of God defense requires the weather event to be completely unforeseeable and without any human component in causing or failing to prevent the serious injuries or wrongful death. With the greenwood wall collapse causing the death of three masons and the Notre Dame scissor lift accident, we know that Chicago is not the only windy city. The Act of God Defense is a Hail Mary pass by Sugarland’s lawyers.

The blame the accident victims defense will lose both in state court and the court of public opinion in Marion county. While some lawyers tend to throw everything against the wall to see what sticks, this defense is particularly insensitive and will probably backfire.

Here is a link to some of the Fox Coverage.