Work Comp Lawyer Indianapolis Indiana – Quadriplegics and Work Injury

Workers' Compensation

As an Indiana Work Comp Lawyer dealing with spine injuries and quadriplegia – I’m amazed how many of these cases sit in limbo without being settled or resolved. Historically I think the thought was to “just let the work comp insurance company pay the medical” and not do anything to resolve the Injured Indiana worker’s case. This is a bad idea for several reasons for both the injured worker and the insurance company paying the workers compensation benefits in Indiana.

As a spine injury lawyer in Indianapolis – I work with many other attorneys around the state of Indiana helping them resolve these complicated quadriplegia cases – including dealing with Medicare and Social Security Disability benefits. My hope is that this Indianapolis Workers Compensation lawyer can help you with your case and bring financial and medical security to not only the injured and paralyzed worker – but to his family and children as well!