William Harrison Killed in Indiana Construction Accident in Shadeland, Indiana, Analysis From Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis.

Construction Accidents

Your Indiana Construction accident lawyer was sad to see 55 year old William Harrison was killed in a construction accident in Shadeland, Indiana. Mr Harrison was assisting in building a swimming pool when a cement truck from Purdy Materials flipped on its side and crushed Mr. Harrison. Sadly, this is the 6th workplace fatality in the Lafayette area in the past 12 months. While not strictly a trench collapse case, the same IOSHA and OSHA safety rules apply. The sides of the excavation for the pool cannot be subjected to great weight or a collapse is inevitable. This is why excavators or not allowed to place the dirt from the hole too close to the sides of the excavation under OSHA rules. Your Indiana Construction accident lawyer has handled several concrete pumping cases and is aware of the great forces that can be generated when the truck is not handled properly and safety rules ignored. A concrete pump truck can deliver concrete a great distance, thereby eliminating the need to park the cement truck next to the excavation. Another avoidable Indiana Construction death. Hopefully something can be learned from this tragedy.