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Workers' Compensation

Recently in Lafayette Indiana workers involved in an accident at the Lafayette Wastewater Treatment Plant were taken to the hospital. At least one of the injured Hoosiers was taken to the area hospital for a head injury. While the Indianapolis Star made light of the head injury – they are not to taken lightly. At Golitko & Daly, we have represented many injured workers throughout the state of Indiana that seemingly had minor head injuries that end up being more serious than originally suspected.

Often times the workers compensation carrier will attempt to minimize the significance of a head or brain injury because these type of injuries aren’t readily apparent. However, ask the spouse or close friend and they can often notice the effects of a head injury immediately. The injured worker my have short term memory problems, anger issues, and other reasoning issues that each of us take for granted every day.

Be sure to take even minor head injuries serious. Gone untreated, brain injuries can have life long effect on the injured worker.