Tough Questions for Indiana Construction Accident Lawyers in Indianapolis.

Construction Accidents

The Best Indiana Construction Accident Lawyers Like Hard Questions. You will only have one Indiana construction accident case and before hiring a lawyer to protect your family, you deserve good answers to hard questions. Questions such as: How many Indiana construction accident cases have you actually taken through trial? How many construction accident cases have you taken to trial and won? What were the verdicts? What were the offers from the insurance company? What were the workers compensation benefits? Did they continue? Were they fall protection cases? Trench collapse? Scissor or man lift cases? What counties were the trials in? How many appeals of construction injury cases have you done? What were the results? Any Indiana Supreme Court cases where you were lead counsel? AV Rated? Super Lawyer? Admitted to Practice in other states? Board Certified as a trial lawyer? Teach OSHA classes on construction safety? Do other lawyers refer their construction injury clients because of your expertise?

Life is mostly about asking the right questions. To find the best Indiana construction accident lawyer for you and your family, just ask the right questions.