The Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Indianapolis? No One Person is Best For Every Case

Personal Injury

Just as every serious illness requires a doctor who specializes in that illness, your particular case requires expertise in that area. Your Indiana Construction Accident lawyer was surprised to see lawyers in Indiana advertising as the “Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Indianapolis” and the “Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Indiana”. The truth of the matter is that no one personal injury lawyer is the top choice for every type of personal injury case. For example, your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer has no particular expertise in Medical Malpractice, toxic torts, Pharmaceutical or medical device cases. For that reason, when one of those injured persons find their way into my office, I promptly refer them to the top Indiana personal injury lawyers in those areas. I know they will take care of their clients, are willing to take the case to trial but will not refuse a reasonable settlement offer from an insurance company. A top Indiana personal injury lawyer knows the case is about you and your family, not them and their egos.

It was for that reason I would refer my Indiana workers compensation case to Matt Golitko even before we were partners. He had the workers compensation expertise and I did not. I suspect that is why about half of my construction accident practice are referrals from top Indiana personal injury lawyers who put their clients first. Accolades like ”Super Lawyer” and “Top Rated” are nice, but the best recognition is referrals of Indiana construction and work injury cases from other top lawyers. There is no “Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Indiana”. There is only the best personal lawyer in Indiana for you and your particular case. If you need help, call us and we will get you to the right lawyer. For you, not for us.