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Personal Injury

What does it take to be the best personal injury lawyer in Indiana? While there is no one simple answer, there are some things you can look for. First is Character. This should be spelled “CARE -ACTER”, because the best lawyer is the one who cares about you and your family. Not just about making money, but putting your family in the best possible position given the facts, law, and insurance available. Secondly. Courage. Courage to go to trial when trial is necessary. Courage to take on cases other lawyers find too difficult, or expensive, to pursue. Third, Perseverance.The ability to keep going through the ups and downs of every case, from disappearing witnesses to guilty parties hiding assets. To keep going through the trial court, the court of appeals and all the way to the Supreme Court to right a wrong and protect a client’s interest. Easy to say, tough to do. Humility. The best personal injury lawyer will have the humility to admit they lack sufficient expertise in a particular type of case to effectively represent a potential client, and refer that client to another trusted lawyer to protect the best interest of the client. Experience. There is no substitute for experience. The best personal injury lawyer will be experienced, because while each case and client is unique, the legal issues, trial techniques and writing skills are cumulative, and the best personal injury lawyer in Indiana will be a better lawyer tomorrow for each case he or she handles. Character. Courage. Perseverance. Humility. Experience. Look for those in your quest to find the best personal injury lawyer.