Somebody Could Be Watching You – Surveillance Workers Compensation Indiana

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As an Indianapolis Indiana Workers Compensation attorney I am starting to see more and more insurance companies video tape my clients – without my clients knowing. Workers compensation insurance companies use private investigators to sneak around work sites, residences, etc. trying to find anything they can in an attempt to show the injured Indiana worker is faking or exaggerating his/her injury.

In the thousands of workers compensation cases I’ve handled I’m yet to see any video surveillance that confirms any faking or exaggerating. At best I’ve seen video of clients lifting small bags of groceries or pumping gas – nothing that would prove or show that the injured worker is faking his injury.

Obviously, the more severe the injury the less likely the insurance company is to use this tactic. I don’t think they have ever videoed a paralyzed worker but often times shoulder and arm injuries seem to be their favorite.

Make sure you have the best workers compensation lawyer for you and your case to be able to identify these tricky tactics. Insurance companies have attorneys on their side – you should too!