Pot Holes Indiana Work Comp Benefits for Injured Workers

Workers' Compensation

It’s that time of year when we are all tired of the long winter – especially this 2013-2014. Many of our Indiana Construction Workers have begun work to fill the many potholes left behind this winter throughout Indiana. Road workers are many times in harms way of cars, semi-trailer trucks, and other traffic hazards. Please take your time in Work Zones and know that many of Indiana’s finest don’t see you coming!

Wrongful Deaths, Paralyzed Workers, is the last thing we want – Be safe Indiana!

Golitko & Daly represents injured workers from all over the state from South Bend, Fort Wayne, all the way through Indianapolis, Bloomington, down to Evansville! We are statewide and here for you and your family in tragic times. We have handled thousands of Indiana Work Comp cases and Work Place Accidents and have the experience required for the best results.

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