Looking For The Best Work Injury Lawyer in Indianapolis For You? Ask Questions!

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Looking For The Best Work Injury Lawyer in Indiana For You? Ask Questions!

As an Injured Indiana worker, you have a right to the best Indiana lawyer to represent you and your family after a construction or other workplace injury. But how to find the best lawyer for your case? Ask questions! Most personal injury lawyers will provide you with a free initial consultation and that is the opportunity to ask question to see if this is the best Indiana law firm for you. But what questions? Start with questions about experience: How many Construction cases have you handled? Tried? What were the results? Have you won any appeals? Taught at Seminars? Do you have any OSHA or IOSHA training? Ask if they are willing to advance their own money to hire experts, get medical records and investigate your accident? Ask if they will handle your case personally, or delegate it to an associate. Ask for references from former clients. View their website- are they a firm that tries to do everything, or are they focused on work injuries, workers compensation and construction accidents. Check their ratings? AV rated? Super Lawyers? And finally, trust your gut- Will this lawyer do his or her best to protect my family?