Justin Nance, 32 Killed in Construction Zone Accident in Anderson

Construction Accidents

Justin Nance, 32, was killed in a construction zone accident on Wednesday while working for E&B Paving on US 31 in Anderson, Indiana. The accident happened when a semi rear ended one of the construction vehicles on the project, sending into Justin and fatally injuring him. The driver of the semi, Brian Harris, indicated he did not see the construction vehicles, which were apparently carrying arrow boards directing traffic to merge to the other lane.

As a construction and work injury lawyer, this immediately raises issues of proper constuction zone signange and control as well as the obvious issues of semi driver fatigue and toxicology.  We have sponsored for several years a safety scholarship for Indiana laborers named after Jason Soots, a client who was killed in a construction zone on 465 in Indianapolis. Every tragedy has the seeds of preventing the next one.