Indianapolis Workers Compensation Lawyer – Strong Wives Sticking by Quadriplegic Husband

Workers' Compensation

As your Indianapolis Indiana Work Comp attorney prepares for an upcoming seminar I was amazed by one of the statistics I found during the research. I will be speaking to hundreds of Indiana Trial Lawyers next month on Indiana Workers Compensation and Quadriplegia. Your Indianapolis Spine Injury Lawyer was very impressed to find that 81% of the men who are married when they have some type of injury – including work injury – that leaves him paralyzed – remain married 5 years after the life changing event. What this means is that there are a lot of women standing by their man!

Your Indiana Work Injury Lawyers – Indianapolis represent hundreds of injured hoosiers hurt at work. Every year there are several of our clients that have life changing spine injuries including quadriplegia and paraplegia that require a lifetime of medical care and financial support. This is often millions of dollars just to make it possible for the Indiana paralyzed worker to get the wage and medical benefits for him and his family to survive!

With 82% of the spine injury victims being male and the average age of nearly 33 years old – this leaves a lifetime of medical needs for the paralyzed Indiana worker. You don’t have to do this alone – Your Indianapolis Indiana Work Injury Lawyer is here for you! We can handle your Indiana Workers Compensation case and any possible lawsuit against other companies  involved in the accident.