Indianapolis Workers Compensation Lawyer – Indiana State Fair Cases

Workers' Compensation

There has been a lot in the news this week recently about the Indiana State Fair collapse case at the Sugarland concert. Your Indiana Workers Compensation lawyer has some concerns for those victims that were actually at work when they were injured. What the workers need to know that Indiana has some funny rules. In Indiana an injured worker can pursue two cases when they are injured at work and the injury was the result of someone other than his/her employer. In the case of the Sugarland concert – those injured while working will have both a Indiana Workers Compensation case AND a case against the various other parties, including Sugarland.

Your Indianapolis Workers Compensation Lawyer wants to make sure the injured workers know this one other goofy law. If they accept any money from the various other parties or Sugarland – his/her Workers Compensation case is automatically terminated! That’s right, NO MORE WORKERS COMPENSATION BENEFITS for the injured worker. The effect is that the Workers Compensation insurance company gets out of paying everything they owe.