Indianapolis Workers Compensation Lawyer Indiana – Million Dollar Work Comp Cases

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As an Indianapolis Workers Compensation Lawyer in Indiana I’m often told how little value our state places on the Injured Worker. While in most circumstances this is true – there are still many cases that involve Catastrophic Work Injuries to the Spine and/or Brain that require a lifetime of medical care to the injured hoosier. Your Indianapolis Workers Compensation Lawyer knows how these big numbers work! At Golitko & Daly we have had several million dollars results for Workers Compensation Cases across Indianapolis the state of Indiana. Check out our results.

Your Indianapolis Indiana Workers Compensation Attorney has the experience and the record to help you navigate during this difficult time where your family is literally turned upside down. We understand medical bills, lost wages, permanent life changing injuries. Before making any major decisions – your Indiana Work Comp lawyer would welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss your option. Remember, no Attorney fees unless we win your case!