Indianapolis Workers Compensation Lawyer – Golitko & Daly Teaching

Firm News

Your Indianapolis Workers Compensation Lawyer and Indiana Construction Accident Attorney have spent this later part of this week speaking to other Indiana Trial Lawyers on Work Injury Law. Matt Golitko spoke on Quadriplegia and Workers Compensation and John Daly spoke on recent Construction Law Updates in Indiana, and Jared Harts presented on Personal Injury Cases involving Workers Compensation issues.

Our focus and expertise in Work Injury Law has been the back bone to the success we can have for our Injured Workers! We actually work with other Indiana attorneys around the state helping them with the complicated issues in Paralyzed Workers and complicated Work Comp issues and Construction Accident cases.

So hopefully if you are looking at our site and considering attorneys for a work injury – that you would trust the Work Injury Lawyers that other lawyers trust and give us the opportunity to see if we can help. Let us bring our knowledge that we often share with other lawyers to your case!