Indianapolis Indiana Workers Compensation Lawyer – Insurance Nurse Case Managers

Workers' Compensation

As an Indiana Work Comp Lawyer I meet with many hoosiers injured at work. Many times they are attending doctor appointments, physical therapy, and various other medical treatments. In Indiana, workers compensation insurance companies have the right to choose the doctor, therapist, etc. As if this isn’t bad enough, often times insurance companies send nurse case managers to attend these appointments with the injured worker.

In cases of quadriplegics or other serious injures – nurse case managers usually are harmless and/or feel bad enough about the serious injury so they try to really help. On less severe injuries this is not the case. As a Indianapolis Indiana Workers Compensation Lawyer – I hear almost daily experiences of injured workers with nurse case managers. These nurse case managers try to cut treatment short, change the mind of the doctors, and often times get the injured worker back to work too early causing further injury to the worker.

If you have questions about your rights and nurse case managers give us a call! Follow your gut!