Indianapolis Death Forklift Accident Recycling Plant – Workers Compensation

Construction Accidents

Indianapolis worker died today from a forklift crushing accident at an Indianapolis Indiana recycling plant. As work injury lawyers we investigate and find the cause of these accidents and how they could have been prevented. The family will have big decisions to make on how to move forward after such a tragedy and loss that most certainly could have been avoided.

OSHA estimates that there are 85 deaths each year from forklifts accidents. There are nearly 900,000 forklifts in the United States and over 100,000 (>10%) are involved in some kind of accident that causes injury to a worker.

At Golitko & Daly we hold those accountable responsible for unnecessary deaths and help any way we can to restore families emotionally and financially for their loss. Our prayers to the family of yet another hoosier worker needlessly killed at work.