Indiana Workers Compensation Lawyer – Matt Golitko Indianapolis – How to choose your Work Injury Attorney?

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As an Indianapolis Workers Compensation Lawyer I understand that Injured Hoosiers have an endless amount of law firms to pick from when dealing with a “Personal Injury” case. One would be hard pressed to do a google search or open a phone book and not find thousands of lawyers willing to give you a “free consultation” on your personal injury case. It is important when trying to find the BEST WORK INJURY LAWYERS for you that you ask a few basic questions:

1. Do you only do Work Injury Cases?

2. What is your biggest jury verdict and was it a Work Injury Case?

3. What is your largest Workers Compensation settlement?

At Golitko & Daly, we only handle cases dealing with Injured and Disabled Workers – that’s it! Our biggest verdict on a Work Injury Construction Accident case to date is $10.2 Million dollars and have settled several Million Dollar Workers Compensation cases – one as high as $3.75 Million.

We know there are choices – but we feel confident that if you ask these simple questions – it will hopefully help you pick the best Indiana Work Injury Lawyer for YOU!