Indiana Workers Compensation Lawyer – Helping the paralyzed workers with severe spine injuries – quadriplegia and paraplegia attorney

Workers' Compensation

Indiana Workers Compensation Lawyer has made it a focus to help Indiana paralyzed workers through the pitfalls lurking in the Indiana Workers Compensation system. Many times adjustors and employers will pretend they are on your side and tell you things like “don’t hire an lawyer, they will just take your money” or sometimes other lawyers that don’t specialize in spinal chord injuries or Worker’s Compensation cases will tell you things like “in Indiana the benefits are pretty much set, a lawyer can’t do you any good”. Your Indiana Work Comp Attorney Indianapolis is here to tell you – don’t listen to them! Call me and let’s talk about YOU and how I can help!

Your Indianapolis Workers Compensation will represent YOU and YOUR FAMILY – Golitko & Daly is not worried about saving insurance companies money or just going along with what the employer says. As your Indiana Workers Compensation Lawyer we will fight to make sure the insurance company pays lifetime benefits to cover the Indiana Injured Worker’s future medical cost and help provide a lifetime of financial security for YOUR FAMILY!

If you or a loved one has been injured and is dealing with spine injury or quadriplegia or paraplegia – your Indiana Workers Compensation Spine Lawyer is here for YOU!