Indiana Work Injuries at Construction Sites – Best Option is to have TWO LAWYERS – Construction Lawyer and Work Comp Lawyer

Construction Accidents, Workers' Compensation

Recently in Madison Indiana there was a construction site accident where Roger Cox, an employee of Walsh Construction died from lack of oxygen to his brain when he became trapped between the bucket he was standing in and a steel beam he was working on. Click here for article

Your Indiana Workers Compensation Lawyer is here to tell you that in accidents like this you don’t need one lawyer – your BEST option is to have TWO work injury lawyers! At Golitko and Daly we have a focused practice on both Construction Work Injury Cases – AND Indiana Workers Compensation case. Mr. Cox’s family will need to pursue more than one case – so they will need more than one lawyer – a Wrongful DeathConstruction Lawyer and an Indiana Work Comp Lawyer.

At Golitko and Daly – that is our advantage! We provide the best option for work injury accidents because all the lawyers you need to handle EVERY aspect of your Work Injury Case. If you are interviewing lawyers – ask them – do you specialize in both Construction Accidents and Workers Compensation?

We would welcome the opportunity to be your best Indiana work injury lawyer option!