Indiana Trial Lawyers Association – 2012 Seminar – Workers Compensation Update

Workers' Compensation

Your Indianapolis Indiana Workers Compensation Lawyers are speaking this year at the Indiana Trial Lawyers Fall Seminar. There have been some new and changing cases in Indiana this year that are worth noting. There were some big mistakes made by lawyers on both sides in some of these cases which were fatal to the injured Indiana worker’s case. The Indiana Trial Lawyers Association is dedicated to preserving and pursuing the rights of injured hoosiers and making companies and insurance companies responsible!

At Golitko & Daly, we focus on WORK injury cases to bring the focus and expertise required to handle injuries that happen in the work place. We go to work when you can’t. It’s not just a saying – it’s true. We represent injured workers in car accidents while working, construction accidents, factory accidents, and various other work injuries.

Here’s to a safe fall season and please be safe while working – always know that the work injury lawyers at Golitko & Daly are here when you need us.