Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer to Argue Contractor’s Liability in Indiana Court of Appeals Feb 16, 2016

Construction Accidents

Your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer John Daly is arguing in front of the Indiana Court of Appeals in Indianapolis on February 16, 2016. The argument will be held in the Indiana State Library, rather than the statehouse, so that Hoosiers can see justice in action. The legal issue being argued is liability of a general contractor for the negligence of its subcontractors when the result is an injury to an Indiana construction worker, in this case a sheetmetal worker. Your Indiana Construction worker has prevailed on this issue many times, in the Indiana Supreme Court in Helms v Carmel Clay, The Indiana Court of Appeals in Stumpf v Hagerman and the United States District Court in Moore v Shawmut Construction. While these decisions benefited individual clients, the wider effect is make Indiana a safer place for construction workers to work. Contractors know that when they don’t fulfill their construction safety obligations, they will have to deal with your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer.