Indiana construction accident lawyer makes the law that makes recovery possible

Construction Accidents

Indiana Construction accident lawyer helps make the law that enables injured Indiana workers to obtain full compensation for construction accidents and other workplace injuries. As you my know, local courts in Indiana are called trial courts. They are required to follow the decisions made by the Court of Appeals in settling questions of law. This is known as precedent. The Court of Appeals in turn has to follow the decisions of the Indiana Supreme Court. Your Indiana construction accident lawyer knows that winning one case in the supreme court can mean winning thousands of cases in the trial courts. To that end, he has fought and won for worker’s rights in many cases, including the following:

Helms v Camel Clay– Indiana Supreme Court upholds that general contractors can be liable for all worker safety on the jobsite;

Young v Hood’s Garden –Indiana Supreme Court rules that workers compensation benefits must be provided when the value of the work is over $1000:

Stumpf v Hagermann Const.- Indiana Court of Appeals decides that general contractor and subcontractor can be liable for jobsite safety of sub-subcontractor’s employee;

Capital Construction v Gray   – Indiana Court of Appeals decides general contractor had a duty to provide fall protection to subcontractor employees, including electrician.

Moore v Shawmut- US District Court holds general contractor may be responsible for ensuring safe equipment is provided to Pipe Fitter.

Each of these cases shows that the Indiana Construction accident lawyer not only knows the law protecting Indiana workers, he helped make it.