Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer Indianapolis Wins in Court Of Appeals Wrongful Death Case

Construction Accidents

Your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis won a decision on behalf of his clients in the Indiana Court of Appeals today. The case involved a worker who was fatally injured when the stairs she was walking on broke. There were poor lighting conditions and no handrail, both of which were corrected after her fall. While there is much more work to be done to make sure the family is fully compensated, this win in the Court of Appeals will give the family their day in court.

Jason L. McDonough, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Donna L. Allen, Deceased v. Kentucky Avenue Land Company (mem. dec.)
Civil Tort. Reverses and remands summary judgment for Kentucky Avenue in a wrongful death suit. Rules Kentucky Avenue did not come forward with evidence to negate the estate’s claim that Kentucky Avenue’s negligence caused the death of Donna Allen.