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Your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis is delighted to resume his blogging about preventing and resolving construction injury claims. For those of you who don’t know, I moved my Indiana construction accident law practice to a new partnership with attorney Matt Golitko. Our main office is at 96th and Meridian Street in Indianapolis. Hopefully you have seen our GOLITKO & DALY WORK INJURY LAWYERS signs. We also have a fully staffed law office in Kokomo next to the Social Security office.

We don’t expect you to know if you have a claim against the property owner, general contractor or other construction trades. That is our job. Matt will expertly handle the worker’s compensation aspects of your work injury claim. I will use my OSHA and IOSHA training to make certain those responsible for your construction injury are identified and held responsible. We represent Iron workers, Masons, Carpenters, Electricians and other skilled trades throughout Indiana in a variety of construction accident claims. Construction Falls, trench collapses, equipment failure, scaffold collapses and electrocutions are common injuries for our clients.

We know hiring a lawyer can be stressful, and there is no charge to talk to Matt or I about your workplace injury. There is also no charge unless we have a recovery for you, either through settlement or trial. Your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer John Daly is here for you.