Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer Indianapolis Announces Safety Award Winner

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Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer Indianapolis Announces Safety Award Winner Carmen Scott of the Evansville Chapter of Indiana Laborer’s Union, Local 561.

Carmen Scott is the 2012 winner of the Jason Soots Memorial Safety Award given annually to the construction labor apprentice who shows not only concern for her own safety, but also that of her fellow workers. The award is sponsored by work injury lawyers Golitko & Daly of Indianapolis and is based on the bible story of Cain and Able in which Cain denied responsibility for his brother’s welfare. Your Indiana construction accident lawyer has represented hundreds of workers whose injuries could have been prevented if contractors and fellow workers had accepted responsibility for their brother and sisters work site safety, as well as their own. These include union laborers, ironworkers, masons, electricians and other skilled trades in accidents involving trench collapse, lifts, scaffolds, electrocutions and falls.

As Indiana Work injury lawyers, we feel our first obligation is to prevent construction accidents and our second responsibility is to protect Indiana families after a serious accident has occurred. Whether a workers compensation claim, a third party case or both, we will go to work when you cant.

Congratulations to Carmen Scott, who is an inspiration for all Indiana Construction workers. We are proud to be associated with such a great cause.