Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis Scaffold Safety Tips

Workers' Compensation

Your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis is pleased to provide Scaffold Safety Tips to prevent serious construction accidents. With 25 years of experience as a personal injury lawyer, I have represented clients in both suspended and supported scaffold accidents. In order to better serve our clients, I underwent OSHA competent person scaffold certification and am certified to teach scaffold safety to masons, dry wallers, painters and other Indiana construction workers to prevent serious injuries. The most common scaffold accidents are a result of removing safety rails to load material and then failing to reinstall the railing. Other common scaffold accidents occur when erecting or taking down the scaffold. This requires expertise and training to avoid death or serious bodily injury. As Indiana Work Injury Lawyers we represent injured construction workers throughout Indiana, including Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Terre Haute and Evansville. Remember- WE GO TO WORK WHEN YOU CANT!

Here is a link to Scaffold Safety Tips Video!