Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis Helps Protect Workers

Construction Accidents

Your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis, John Daly, was pleased to help rewrite Indiana Construction Accident law in the Court of Appeals with the decision in Capital Construction v Gray. Gray was an Electrician who was killed from a fall off a ladder while doing construction work at a Kroger remodel in Greenwood in 2007. Gray received a mild shock while testing wires and fell 17 feet to his death. The Contract between Kroger and the General Contractor incorporated the OSHA 6 feet safety rule, that is, any time construction work was being done on site at a height of 6 feet or over, fall protection had to be used. This would have prevented a mild shock being turned into a fatal Indiana construction accident. The General Contractor argued IOSHA did not require fall protection on a ladder. Your Indiana Construction accident Lawyer argued our client never should have been on the ladder, he should have been given a scissor lift or other man lifts. The Indiana Court of Appeals held that general contractor had a duty to all subcontractor employees to keep the worksite safe and that Contractors and owners can agree to use higher safety standards than OSHA regulations. Chalk one Up for the Good Guys.

Here is a link to the case.

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