Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis Fall Protection TIPS

Construction Accidents

Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis Fall Protection TIPS

Construction accidents in Indiana often involve a fall of more than four feet, and sometimes more than four stories. Ironworkers, masons, laborers, pipe fitters and carpenters all are exposed to fall hazards on Indiana construction sites. Your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer John Daly is certified as an OSHA fall protection trainer and has represented many construction workers in fall protection personal injury lawsuits. The pattern for most of these construction accidents is they involve an apprentice who is asked to do the most dangerous jobs on Indiana construction sites with the least amount of training. For example, an apprentice mason may be required to erect a scaffold without fall protection. Or an apprentice ironworker is asked to lay decking without a static line, stanchions, beamers or other anchor points to attach their lanyards and harnesses. Your Indiana Construction accident lawyer has handled these cases in Indianapolis, Bloomington, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Evansville, Bloomington, Richmond and all points in between. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a fall at a construction site, we would be happy to help. Remember, WE GO TO WORK WHEN YOU CANT.

Here are some fall protection construction safety tips.

1. Pre-Plan your fall protection needs for that day.

2. PROVIDE proper fall protection systems- include anchor points, double hooked for 100% tie off.

3. INSPECT harnesses and other fall protection components to ensure in a safe condition.

4. Make sure your anchor points can withstand 5000 lbs of pressure and that only one worker uses each anchor point.