Facebook Dangers and Indianapolis Indiana Work Injury Lawyers

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Be aware! Be very aware! If you are injured at work in Indiana and have a Indiana Workers Compensation case your Facebook account and everything you may put on it can be seen by the workers compensation insurance company. Even if the injured or paralyzed worker deletes this information the insurance company can still request that Facebook provide all the information even if it has been deleted.

Work Injury litigation is not a fair process. Insurance companies thrive on any reason to deny a workers compensation case and will use any information they can get their hands on to do so. It is important to keep your life and litigation private if you are in any kind of accident involving personal injuries or workers compensation or construction accident or injury.

Be sure to pick the best Indiana workers compensation lawyer for you to give you the advice and guidance you need to avoid these and other pitfalls that could occur when bringing a work injury case or workers compensation claim in Indiana. At Golitko & Daly, we are here to help. We GO TO WORK when you can’t.