Construction Worker Killed in Accident on Allisonville/I465 Road Project- Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer Accident Review

Construction Accidents

David Anderson, 33, of Brownsburg, Indiana was killed yesterday during a road construction project at I465 and Allisonville Road in Indianapolis. Your Indiana Construction Accident lawyer wrote last week that “Struck by” is one of the three leading types of construction fatalities. Mr. Anderson, a Union Laborer, was assisting in moving “Jersey Barriers” for traffic control when he was struck by an excavator and killed. IOSHA investigates all workplace fatalities and will issue their findings in a few weeks. It is clear, however, that proper safety precautions regarding operating the excavator were not being followed. 1926.601 prohibits heavy equipment from being backed up with a restricted view unless the equipment has a reverse signal or an observer indicates it is safe to do so. The problem with relying on a reverse signal is construction sites are loud places, and the beeping sounds of heavy equipment backing up are so common they loose their effectiveness as a warning device. Using an observer top help the operating engineer is the better practice.

As an Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer, my first role is to help prevent Construction accidents at Indiana work sites. I do this by teaching and lecturing on Indiana construction safety to unions and contractors. When there is an accident, then I use my OSHA training and law degree to represent the worker and his or her family in the case against the parties responsible for workplace safety. I have represented laborers, ironworkers, electricians, carpenters, masons and other skilled trades in construction injuries throughout Indiana. Although our offices are in Indianapolis and Kokomo, we represent injured workers in South Bend, Fort Wayne, Terre Haute, Richmond and as far south as Evansville.

Here is a link to the Indianapolis Star article on this unfortunate road construction accident.

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