Construction Accidents and Spinal Cord Injuries

Construction Accidents

An x-ray of a person's upper torsoThe legal team at Golitko & Daly have helped countless on-the-job injury victims who are based in and around the Indianapolis area. Construction accidents can lead to severe injuries, ones that require advanced therapy and may result in major changes to a person’s entire life. Such is the case with back injuries that affect the spinal cord or the vertebrae.

Whenever your back or your spinal cord are injured, it’s important that these matters are taken very seriously. What may seem like a minor injury at first could be the sign of a back problem that will have long-term effects on your overall wellness. It’s for that reason that you should undergo an examination after any sort of workplace injury simply to ensure that you are not severely harmed in some fashion.

Ruptured Discs and Pinched Nerves

Two potential injuries that may occur at a construction place involve ruptured discs and pinched nerves. A ruptured disc occurs when the soft cushion between the vertebrae bulges out of its usual position. This can lead to serious pain and difficulty accomplishing even the simplest tasks. A pinched nerve involves some form of back injury that results in the compressing of a nerve near the vertebrae.

In both of these cases, injury victims will miss work. Surgery may also be necessary in order to relieve pain and to restore mobility and range of motion.

Accidents That Lead to Paraplegia

Severe injuries to the middle and lower back may result in paraplegia. This is a condition in which a person loses the sensation and the ability to move his or her lower extremities. When these kinds of injuries occur, the victim is wheelchair bound for the rest of his or her life, leading to many major changes in terms of lifestyle and livelihood.

Accidents That Lead to Quadriplegia

More serious than paraplegia, quadriplegia is one of the most severe spinal cord injuries that can potentially occur. These injuries take place along the upper potion of the spinal column, particularly the neck vertebrae. If a person is rendered quadriplegic, he or she loses sensation and the ability to move all extremities. As you can imagine, the changes to a person’s life are immense in these tragic circumstances.

Covering Medical Bills and Physical Therapy

If a lawsuit is pursued, a good portion of the compensatory damages that are sought will be intended to cover the cost of medical treatment, including physical therapy.

Addressing Issues with Mobility and Flexibility

In addition, compensatory damages will also often be sought in order assist in resorting mobility and flexibility if possible. This includes surgery or instruments that help restore the ability to move around.

Accounting for Changes to Life and Livelihood

With major spinal injuries, such a paraplegia and quadriplegia, damages will be sought in order to address major changes with regard to annual earnings as well as overall changes in terms of career trajectory and quality of life.

Speak with Our Attorneys About Your Spinal Cord Injury

To learn more about your legal options after a serious spinal cord injury, it’s important that you contact our construction accident attorneys today. The entire legal team here at Golitko & Daly will fight diligently for you in your time of legal need.