Construction Accident Lawyers Matter

Construction Accidents

There is no better prevention than a tough cure. Construction accident lawyers in the U.S. help prevent the type of workplace disasters seen in India and China. Your Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis reads with sadness the horrible loss of life and limb at workplaces in China and India. Preventable fires, shoddy construction, over crowding, lack of safety training, lack of safety equipment all lead to disaster like the poultry factory in China that killed 119 people today. Emergency exits were blocked and the front gates were locked, resulting in victims being unable to save themselves. The 1000 lives recently lost in Bangladesh in a factory collapse is really an unimaginable, preventable tragedy. The building’s owner will be tried for murder, although a court system that is helpless to prevent this type of tragedy is unlikely to muster the political will to convict the owner for murder.

Which brings your Indiana Construction Accident lawyer to his point: Personal injury lawyers who labor in the trenches of workplace injuries do more than help their clients, they help prevent even greater tragedies by holding those responsible accountable for their misdeeds. Any objective reading of US history sees the same type of abuses in the early industrial age as we are now seeing in China. 70 hour work weeks, child labor, unsafe working conditions, company stores. The advances made by labor unions and government regulation was buttressed by the personal injury lawyers who put bite behind the bark. While IOSHA may fine a violating employer several thousand dollars for an injured or killed worker in a trench collapse, a skilled construction accident lawyer can recover millions for the family of the worker. This not only helps the family, but serves as a strong incentive for contractors to follow OSHA and general construction safety regulations to prevent paralysis and wrongful death to Indiana Construction workers. America is great because America is good, and America is better because of its justice system of holding employers responsible for their employees safety.