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Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis

Oct 14, 2013 | Construction Accidents

All Indiana Lawyers are not  indiana Construction Accident Lawyers.  Experience in fall protection, trench collapses, scaffold accidents and man lifts is required. For example, in order to better represent our injured construction accident clients, I have attended OSHA classes for the 10 hour, 30 hour and the 500 and 501 construction safety courses, The latter two courses qualify me to teach both the 10 hour and 30 hour courses. I have also been certified in scaffold construction safety, man lifts and JLG type boom lifts. All this training has been invaluable in helping our iron worker and other construction trade clients. In a wrongful death or brain injury case, it is often impossible to find out from the client what happened. Your Indiana construction injury lawyer then has to work with IOSHA  and their team to determine the root cause of a construction accident and who is legally and financially responsible.  A non- Indiana construction accident lawyer may determine that your only remedy is worker’s compensation, thereby missing the true value of the case. While workers compensation benefits can help, they do not provide for any pain and suffering or more than minimal wage loss. If a widow remarries, her benefits are cut off. A good construction accident lawyer wil look deeper than just workers compensation, Recent successes for your Indiana construction accident lawyer include a product liability case involving a JLG lift; a trench collapse case; a scaffold collapse case and an iron worker fall protection case. All required knowledge of OSHA construction safety regulations, Indiana law on contractor liability and a willingness to go to trial in order to obtain fair compensation for our clients. Your Indiana Construction accident lawyer has been selected as a top 50 Super Lawyer and is Board Certified in Trial Advocacy.  Let us help.