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Here is a brief excerpt of an article that should be going to print soon by your Indianapolis Indiana Workers Compensation Lawyer.

Having attended and presented at many workers compensation seminars over the last decade I have noticed that many attorneys and insurance adjustors viewed workers compensation cases involving a paralyzed worker as a burden to baby sit, if you will, a case that had no real resolution in sight. Everyone involved understood that the paralyzed worker would require a lifetime of medical care leaving everyone hesitant to do anything other than provide ongoing treatment and watch the file grow.

Settlement and resolution of these catastrophic work injury cases seem impossible for a variety of reasons. Many difficult, unanswered questions lie ahead. If we settled the case, how would the paralyzed worker get the future medical care he needed? How would Medicare look at shifting the medical burden away from the workers compensation insurance carrier and on to Medicare? What if the paralyzed worker ran out of money and couldn’t afford the proper care?

If handled properly, all of these concerns and many others can be nearly eliminated. So, here’s the second bit of good news. Not only is resolution possible it is actually beneficial to all involved.