Hurt at Work? Better Call an Indiana Work Injury Lawyer Before You Say or Sign Anything!

Workers' Compensation

Hurt at Work? Better Call an Indiana Work Injury Lawyer in Indianapolis Before You Say or Sign Anything!

Your Indiana Construction accident lawyer in Indianapolis knows that insurance company adjusters love to swoop into hospital rooms and take the injured worker’s statements and have them sign a release as soon after a construction or other work place injury accident. I have seen statements signed by people admitting a construction accident was their own fault that was taken by the insurance company while the worker was still on strong pain medication. Trust me, when the insurance company says they are there to help, they are only trying to help themselves. In 25 years as a personal injury lawyer, I have never seen a general contractor’s insurance company make an offer to an injured ironworker, mason, electrician or other skilled trade after a serious workplace accident. They will try to convince you that Indiana workers compensation will “take care of everything”. It Wont. At best, it will help with medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages. An Indiana Construction Accident Lawyer can help get you get full compensation, but only if you call for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. WE represent hundreds of Indiana workers and their families after work place injuries. Don’t sign anything until you call.