Wrong Way Car Accidents

Personal Injury

Totaled carAll types of motor vehicle accidents are dangerous. However, one type of accident is particularly damaging: wrong way car accidents.

These accidents pose a serious risk to drivers and passengers because they typically involve head-on collisions at high speeds. Wrong way crashes can cause serious, lifelong injuries or sadly, result in the death of a loved one.

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Causes of Wrong Way Car Accidents

More often than not, alcohol plays a role in wrong way car accidents. In fact, according to the National Transportation Safety Board, 69 percent of fatal wrong way car accidents involve alcohol.

In addition, a number of other circumstances may lead to a wrong way collision, including:

  • Drug Use: A common contributing factor, drug use often plays a role in wrong way driving accidents. This refers not only to illegal drugs, but also prescription drugs that may cause drowsiness and other side effects.
  • Distracted Driving: A common cause of all types of accidents, distracted driving includes texting, talking on the phone, playing with the stereo, grooming, eating, and any other habits that take your attention off the road.
  • Poor Visibility: In foggy, rainy, and snowy weather, visibility is low. Drivers with poor vision may struggle to interpret signs and mistakenly enter an exit ramp.
  • Lack of Signs: In more rural areas, clearly marked signs are sometimes absent. The driver may be left to assume which ramp is the entrance ramp.

Facts about Wrong Way Motor Vehicle Accidents

According to Federal Highway Administration data, wrong-way collisions account for about 3 percent of crashes on high-speed divided highways.

Here are some other facts about wrong way driving:

  • On average, about 360 fatalities occur in wrong way accidents each year.
  • Drivers over the age of 70 are involved in these accidents more frequently than younger drivers.
  • Most wrong way accidents happen after dark, often between the hours of midnight and 3am.
  • The primary origin in wrong way collisions is typically a driver entering an exit ramp.
  • The majority (57 percent) of wrong way accidents occur during the weekend, in part due to a greater number of drunk drivers occupying the road.

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