Workers Burned at Construction Sites Should Speak with Our Lawyers

Construction Accidents

An accident victim receives medical treatmentConstruction sites can be very dangerous, which is why the team at the Indianapolis law firm of Golitko & Daly fights for the rights of workers. Our construction accident attorneys are on the side of the employee, particularly when that employee is the victim of an accident that could have been avoided had there been better attention to safety. This is particularly true when it comes to burns at construction sites. These kinds of injuries can have long-term, tragic repercussions, especially when the third-degree burns are sustained.

Types of Burns That Can Occur at Construction Sites

There are many different kinds of burns that can occur at a construction site or an industrial worksite.

  • Traditional burns – This refers to burns that are the result of fire or open flame, as well as burns caused by exposure to scalding hot pipes
  • Burns from molten material – Molten steel at worksites is extremely dangerous, and burns from molten material can be especially dangerous and painful
  • Acid burns – If there are solvents and other acidic material at a worksite, these can all lead to nasty burns
  • Steam/hot water burns – These tend to be issues at construction sites when pipes burst or break
  • Burns from electricity – When wires are not properly connected or are left exposed, this can lead to serious electrical burns

If you are burned while on the job, be sure to seek medical attention immediately even if it does not appear severe.

Burns Can Be Disfiguring and Debilitating

Burns are painful, this is true, but very serious burns can have long-term affects on a person’s life. Major burns, for example, can affect the muscle tissue and nerve tissue of the burn victim, affecting mobility and able-bodiedness. Severe burns can lead to victims looking deformed or disfigured, and even advanced cosmetic and reconstructive surgery will not be able to address the issue sufficiently.

Negligence with Regard to Safety Cannot Be Tolerated

When burn injuries at a worksite are the result of negligence, such as the violation of an OSHA safety standard, the employer of worksite manager may have been acting negligently. In such cases, it’s important to seek legal help in order to hold that negligent party responsible. Compensation can be sought to cover medical bills and we will also make sure that reforms are made industry wide so that construction sites are safer for everyone.

Legitimate Workers Compensation Claims Shouldn’t Be Denied

In addition, there are many instances in which the victim of a burn injury is denied worker’s compensation benefits even if they have a legitimate claim. When this happens, our lawyers will make sure that you receive strong legal counsel and will help you receive the worker’s comp you are due. Denial of benefits is something that we will not tolerate.

Discuss Your Case with Our Construction Accident Lawyers

If you would like to learn more about your legal options regarding burns, construction injuries, and other matters that are related to workplace accidents, we encourage you to contact our construction accident attorneys today. Our firm will stand by you and your loved ones in your time of legal need.