Personal Injury

What does a “FREE PERSONAL INJURY CASE EVALUATION” from your Indiana Construction Action Lawyer Mean? Just what it says. As work injury lawyers, we understand that money is tight for our clients, who recently were injured and are trying to make ends meet on worker’s compensation benefits. They don’t have “extra” money to pay $300-$400 an hour to a lawyer to have them look at their case to see if the insurance company is treating them fairly. (insert eye roll here!). They don’t know if they have a case against the product manufacturer, the general contractor, neither or both. They do know they are hurt, worried about paying the bills and what will happen to their family.

Your Indiana Construction Accident lawyer in Indianapolis will meet with you and listen to what happened, when where and why. He will then listen to you about your injuries, both short and long term. He will then explain if you have a case, why, and against whom. You will have as much time as you need to tell your story, and we will be happy to come to you. You are under no obligation to pay for this advice, its free. If you do hire GOLIKO & DALY WORK INJURY LAWYERS we will work on a percentage of the recovery we get for you, and no recovery, no fee.

Wouldn’t you feel better knowing rather than wondering? Of course you would. Remember, WE GO TO WORK WHEN YOU CAN’T! Call us.