Truck Accidents Involving Blind Spots

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Commercial truck Truck accidents cause significant damage, including catastrophic injuries. Because of the size and weight of semi-trucks and other commercial trucks, it is important that drivers practice caution while operating these vehicles. Proper training, following federal regulations, and driver awareness can all significantly decrease the risk of a truck accident.

One of the greatest hazards related to large trucks is blind spots. Commercial trucks have more blind spots than a compact or mid-sized vehicle.

Truck accidents related to blind spots are just as dangerous for our Indianapolis, IN clients as any other type of truck accident. Those who have been injured in this type of truck accident can work with the experienced attorneys at Golitko & Daly, P.C. to seek financial compensation from liable parties.

Semi-truck Blind Spots

Semi-trucks consist of large cabs and long trailers. These vehicles are taller and longer than other vehicles on the road, making it difficult for a truck driver to see all the areas surrounding the truck. Not only do semi-trucks have a greater number of blind spots than other cars and smaller trucks, but the blinds spots are also larger.

Blind spots on a commercial truck include:

  • The area directly in front of the truck cab
  • The area just below the driver side window
  • The area immediately behind the driver side window
  • The right side of the cab, all the way towards the back of the trailer
  • The area right behind the truck trailer

Any vehicles in these “no-zones” will be missed by a truck driver if they fail to look over their shoulders and carefully check their blind spots, and possibly even if they do.

Reducing the Risk of an Accident

Drivers of smaller vehicles can do their part to reduce the risk of a truck accident by avoiding traveling in a truck’s blind spots.

Drivers should refrain from tailgating large trucks, and should change lanes whenever possible to stay out of these dangerous “no-zones.” If changing lanes is not possible, drivers should do their best to limit the amount of time that their vehicle remains in truck’s blind spot.

Liability for Truck Accidents Related to Blind Spots

Accident liability is determined on a case-by-case basis, and will depend on the details of each accident. Ultimately, it is a truck driver’s responsibility to check blind spots before making maneuvers such as turning, changing lanes, accelerating, or braking.

If driver negligence is found to be the cause of a truck accident, the driver may be held liable for accident damages, including expenses related to accident injuries.

If a truck driver is negligent, the trucking company that employs them may also share liability for the accident. Our experienced legal team can determine exactly who should be responsible for providing accident victims with compensation for their losses.

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