The Workers’ Comp Process

Workers' Compensation

Indiana Workers’ Compensation ClaimsIn theory, the workers’ compensation process may seem relatively straightforward. In reality, however, it can be confusing and frustrating, especially when you are trying to secure the compensation that you deserve and need, and to which you are legally entitled, and a seemingly endless series of obstacles get in the way. The workers’ compensation process can be rough going for injured individuals and their families, especially when valid claims are underpaid or ultimately denied.

The Indiana workers’ compensation lawyers of Golitko & Daly have helped many people who were injured on the job to obtain the fair and just compensation that they need to cover the losses and expenses related to their injuries. If you have questions about the workers’ compensation process, or you are having difficulty obtaining the full measure of compensation you are allowed under the law, we encourage you to contact the experienced lawyers of Golitko & Daly today.

What You Need to Know about Workers’ Compensation

If you have been injured on the job, there are some basic facts you need to know about workers’ compensation in the state of Indiana:

  • Workers’ compensation insurance is compulsory; regardless of how many workers are employed by an employer, and regardless of whether the business of the employer is public or private, all employees must be covered.
  • Employers are not legally permitted to ask employees to waive workers’ compensation, and such waivers are therefore not enforceable by law.
  • The waiting period for workers’ compensation benefits in cases of temporary injury is seven days.
  • Part-time employees and legally employed minors must be covered.
  • Employees are covered from their first day of employment.
  • Employees must notify their injuries to their employers within 30 days of its occurrence or risk denial of their workers’ compensation claims.
  • In Indiana, employers may determine the physician that reviews the injured claimant.
  • Employers may not, as a form of retaliation, terminate employment of workers who file workers’ compensation claims.
  • In cases in which the worker is killed on the job, workers’ compensation benefits will be paid to his or her family.

Unless you are severely injured, you should notify your employer of your injury before seeking medical attention.

How Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Can Help

If your claim for workers’ compensation is filled to your satisfaction, obviously there is no need to seek legal assistance from our personal injury attorneys. However, in many cases, valid claims are denied or underpaid. If this is true of your claim, our workers’ compensation attorneys can evaluate your case and help to:

  • Determine and explain the full worth of your claim
  • Provide guidance as you file an appeal
  • Do the “heavy lifting” involved with your appeal on your behalf
  • Fight for your right to recover the full worth of your claim

Remember, as a worker in the state of Indiana, you have inalienable rights. We are here to ensure that those rights are respected and upheld. For further information about the workers’ compensation process, the appeals process, or how our attorneys can help you obtain the full measure of compensation to which you are legally entitled, please call or email the law firm of Golitko & Daly today.