The Elevator Shafts Pose Major Falling Hazards at Construction Sites

Construction Accidents

The Elevator Shafts Pose Major Falling Hazards at Construction SitesIndustrial workplaces and construction sites pose many threats to workers as well as visitors. That’s why it’s important that workers and their employers play it safe at all times. Should any negligence lead to a serious accident, our personal injury attorneys will hold the negligent party accountable and ensure that justice is served. We are advocates for the injured and will not be intimidated.

Right now, our legal team would like to focus on the various dangers that are posed by elevator shafts at worksites. Falls down these empty/open spaces can prove disastrous.

The Dangers of Empty Elevator Shafts at Worksites

When working on any buildings with elevators, workers and their employers must exercise caution. These elevator shafts present major falling hazards. Even in structures that are not particularly tall, a fall into an elevator shaft can lead to major injuries and even death.

What makes these kinds of falls especially dangerous is how difficult it may be to extract the victim from the bottom of the elevator shaft and the items or structures that may be down at the bottom of the shaft. Immediate medical attention must be provided for the victim of such a fall, but the nature and location of the injury makes that urgent care more difficult to administer at that crucial moment.

Safety Lines and Harnesses Are Crucial

When people are working near or working around an elevator shaft, it’s important that there be safety lines or safety harnesses to prevent serious falls. Simple precautions such as these can mean the difference between a close call and a tragedy.

Safety Protocols Need to Be Followed

In addition to providing safety lines and harnesses, it’s also crucial that companies have safety protocols in place to prevent major accidents of any kind from occurring. This includes labeling any falling hazards and keeping walkways near steep drops clear of any slipping or tripping hazards.

Failure to maintain the safety of employees and/or visitors can be a sign of negligence, and that’s where our legal experts come into play.

How Our Worker Injury Attorneys Can Help You

Our construction accident attorneys have years of experience with serious injury litigation. We will work closely with clients to ensure that any injuries that were sustained are accounted for and compensation is sought to cover medical bills, the estimated cost of rehabilitation, and other associated losses. In the case of a fatal fall down an elevator shaft, our legal team will seek compensation to cover funerary costs and the emotional pain and suffering caused by losing a loved one.

Should you be the victim of an elevator shaft fall and are denied workers’ compensation for a legitimate claim, we will take the insurance company to task and make sure that you receive what is due to you. We believe in making sure the system works fairly, which is why we will fight so hard for you.

Learn More About Work Injury Litigation

If you or someone that you love has suffered from a serious workplace injury, particularly at a construction or industrial site, we encourage you to contact our Indianapolis work and personal injury attorneys today. Our legal team will fight for you every step of the way to ensure that you receive just compensation following any serious mishaps.