The Connection between Construction Accidents and Depression

Construction Accidents

A man looking depressedConstruction accidents can result in more than just physical injuries. The mental and emotional distress that can accompany these injuries can significantly reduce your quality of life. Our attorneys are will versed in the impact of construction accidents and depression. At Golitko & Daly in Indianapolis, IN, we will work to help you secure compensation for your physical and emotional injuries. Securing adequate compensation can make all the difference in getting the help you need.

The Connection between Construction Accidents and Depression

Many accident victims suffer from mental conditions such as depression following a serious injury. This is especially true when an injury inhibits your ability to return to work and your normal activities. In the construction industry, even minor injuries can prevent you from returning to work for an extended period of time. This can have an impact on your self-worth. You may feel as though you can no longer provide for your family.

Whether you are unable to work temporarily or you are unable to return to work in your particular field, you may experience depression associated with your unemployment. Unfortunately, conditions such as depression are often still greatly stigmatized, especially for males working in industries such as construction. This can prevent an injury victim from getting the help he or she needs to make a full recovery, both physically and emotionally.

Benefits of Working with a Skilled Construction Accident Attorney

As your attorneys, we will fight to secure you compensation for all your medical expenses. This includes any expenses associated with counseling or other treatments for depression. Your depression is an extension of your physical injury, and you deserve compensation. We will also aggressively pursue damages for your reduced earning capacity or lost wages.

If you are temporarily out of work due to an injury, we will ensure you receive compensation for your time away. If your injury will prevent you from returning to work long-term or permanently, we will pursue damages for your loss of income. This will help ease the financial burden you may feel, which can enhance feelings of depression.

Victims of construction accidents and depression often experience less enjoyment in life, as they are unable to return to the activities they enjoyed prior to the injury. When you are unable to work and cannot enjoy your former hobbies or play with your children, you are more likely to experience enhanced feelings of depression. As your attorneys, we will seek compensation for your reduced quality of life, in addition to compensation for your injury and lost wages.

Money cannot heal your injury and restore your livelihood, but it can help ease the burden you and your family may be experiencing. Construction accidents can take a heavy toll on family members and close friends. Proper compensation can help ease your own stress and anxieties, as well as theirs.

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