Social Security Disability Benefits: Know Your Rights

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Social Security Disability BenefitsThe legal team here at Golitko & Daly is committed to workers in and around Indianapolis who have been seriously injured while on the job. This is particularly important when it comes to applying for Social Security Disability benefits after a serious ailment or disabling injury.

Social Security Disability benefits refer to benefits that are given to people who have suffered from an illness or a medical condition that prevents them from being able to work for at least 12 months.

Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, victims of injury or illness must first have paid into the Social Security system through their occupation. This is tabulated based on a credit system based on income that has been earned. In 2014, $1,200 in on-the-job earnings counted as one credit. In many cases, roughly 40 credits will be required, 20 of which must be earned within the last 10 years prior to the injury or illness that results in disability. Younger workers without sufficient credits may be able to qualify in certain circumstances.

In addition to the credit requirement, the illness or injury must render a person disabled based on the definition of the term by the Social Security Administration. “Disability” typically means that the injured or ill worker:

  • Cannot continue to do his or her previous job duties
  • Cannot adjust to perform other kinds of work due to the nature of the disability
  • Has suffered an injury or illness that will last or is expected to last one year or result in the death of the individual

Special situations are accounted for, so it’s important that you check with the Social Security Administration with regard to your benefits and if you qualify for benefits.

Denial of Social Security Disability Benefits

Sometimes those who apply for Social Security Disability benefits are denied in their initial claim. There are many reasons why this may occur, such as incomplete documentation, lack of medical records, issues with the filing and application process, and even coordination issues with regard to worker’s compensation benefits.

Is denial of Social Security Disability benefits common?

Denial of Social Security Disability benefits is not uncommon, and many times people who are denied initially are eventually approved for coverage when they reapply. That said, it’s always helpful to have someone assist you with the process so that you are not denied benefits the first time around.

How Our Legal Team Can Be of Assistance

Our team of attorneys have helped numerous workers who have been seriously injured or who developed life-changing illnesses receive their Social Security Disability benefits following initial denial or denials. We will guide you and your loved ones through the filing and application process and help you have all the necessary documents in place and in order. We will provide additional counsel as necessary to make sure you receive the Social Security coverage that you are entitled to receive.

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