Serious Foot Injuries Are a Danger at Construction Sites

Construction Accidents

A construction worker holding a hard hatWhen a worker has sustained a serious injury at a construction site, they can turn to the legal team at Golitko & Daly for help. Serving the greater Indianapolis area, our lawyers have helped in numerous lawsuits and legal claims involving construction accidents that have injured workers.

We’ve talked about back injuries, tendon injuries, nerve damage, and numerous other kinds of harm that can befall a worker. Right now, we want to turn our attention to a type of injury that’s serious but many neglect to consider: injuries to the feet.

Foot Injuries Should Never Be Taken Lightly

While an injury to your foot occurs, it can have long-term repercussions in terms of your wellness and overall mobility. These kinds of accidents are common in everyday life, so it should come as no surprise that foot injuries are a potential hazard at construction sites and industrial workplaces.

Common Causes of Foot Injuries

While at an industrial workplace or a construction site, the most common cause of foot injuries is heavy objects and loads. These objects may be dropped from ledge, striking a worker and causing serious injuries. Or these objects may simply be on a table or a landing, falling over and crushing the foot of a worker.

Vehicles can also lead to foot injuries. It’s possible for the driver of an industrial vehicle to be inattentive, or a worker to be inattentive, resulting in the foot getting run over or crushed by the vehicle.

Since construction workers deal with various kinds of motorized equipment, there’s also a chance that the use of a jackhammer, nail gun, or other kind of device may result in injury from improper use or a malfunction of the equipment.

In addition to the above, it’s also possible for construction workers to step on sharp or pointy objects, such as stray nails and rebar.

Safety Shoes May Not Always Prevent Injury

Even though safety shoes can prevent some injuries to the feet during work, they may not be able to shield the toes and the feet from all injuries. Major weight on the foot or a sudden falling object can generate tremendous force, so much that injury is unavoidable.

How Foot Injuries Can Be Avoided

The best way to prevent foot injuries is to remain on alert at your construction site, and to make sure your fellow workers are well-informed of potential hazards. With an entire team looking out for one another’s safety, accidents and severe injuries are much less likely.

How Construction Accident Attorneys Can Help You

Whenever a serious injury occurs that’s the result of negligence, a construction work attorney can help workers obtain just compensation for the harm sustained. That goes for coverage of medical bills as well as workers’ compensation insurance. Our lawyers are strong advocates for the legal rights of injured construction workers, and we will help ensure successful resolution of your legal claim while also providing sound counsel following the conclusion of the case.

Speak with a Skilled Construction Accident Attorney

If you have been injured at a work site and would like to speak with an attorney about all of your legal options, it’s important that you contact our team of construction accident attorneys today. The lawyers of Golitko & Daly will help you in your time of legal need.